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Do You Know Season 5, Episode 1: Northern California
Renee goes back to her hometown and explains the evolution of the BL200. We get to hangout with Mark and visit Watersavers Irrigation.
Running Time: 8:05
Season 5, Episode 2: Florida
The Fixture Hunter spends time learning about the bt-RE with Kelly in Florida. We visit FIS Outdoor and get invited to their very important meeting and trade show weekend. This episode is WILD!
Running Time: 5:59
Episode 3: Swag Lady and the League of Super Powered Fixtures
We go to Ohio to help Wolf Creek Co. find some super powered fixtures!
Running Time: 4:33
Episode4: Joe Biondo's Day Off
From Holland to Chicago, Joe just can't stop selling the new SL70-bt.
Running Time: 7:17
Episode 5: All About the GL300 Series
Kick it retro with Steve and the California crew as they tell us all about the features and benefits of the GL300 series.
Running Time: 6:16
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