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Features of the Alliance LED
This video explains the benefits ad features of Alliance LED lamps.
Running Time: 26 seconds
Identifying Alliance MR16 LED lamps
This video shows you how to identify the difference between the Alliance MR16 options.
Running Time: 30 seconds.
Alliance LED Beam Spreads
This video explains the different beam spreads Alliance offers on their MR16 LED. Runnin Time: 46 seconds.
LED and Halogen Comparisons
This video explains how the Alliance LED compares to a halogen lamp.
Running Time: 1 min.
Tower, PAR36, and MR11 LED Options
This video shows the wide variety of Alliance LED options available.
Running Time: 57 secs.
50w Halogen Equivalent LED Options
This video shows the 50 watt halogen equivalent LED options that Alliance offers.
Running Time: 1 min. 22 secs.
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